Sunday, July 29, 2012

                               Dark Knight Rises Review

We can all have a grand argument defending our favorite movie series, the ever so classic Star Wars trilogies, the popular blockbusting Harry Potter series, or even the beautifully cinematic Lord of the Rings trilogy; but all series come to an end, and these endings are always highly anticipated. Joining these movies, is the finale to one of the most critically acclaimed fantasy series of this decade.

Christopher Nolan never seizes to amaze me, pushing out fantastic psychological thrillers one after another. With Nolan, it almost seems like he has a formula for brilliant movies. A dash of dark main characters, a sprinkle of twists, and an ending that keeps you thinking for days. In The Dark Knight Rises Nolan aims for a more physical motif, instead of the more mental themes he aimed for in the first two movies. In Batman Begins, the theme surrounded the idea of fear, with Bruce facing his fears and stepping into the ring as a highly equipped vigilante, and facing the Scarecrow: A villain armed with a chemical weapon that intoxicated your mind with scary images. Where as in the The Dark Knight, the movie dripped with chaos, as Batman faced his most taxing foe, The Joker, whose only intent seemed to be creating trouble for him to solve. In the The Dark Knight Rises, Batman is faced with an evil stronger than he has ever faced: Bane, a behemoth of a man that constantly suffers pain, which is only held back so much by the drugs that flow through his mask. This mask gives him an eerie voice that booms throughout the movie as he makes his many threats on Gotham. All of this makes for a formidable foe for the Batman, a foe that makes you worry for Gotham's beloved hero.

I can only begin to explain how masterfully this movie is conveyed by the actors who play its characters. The title character Batman/Bruce Wayne is played by Christian Bale, who's portrayal oozes with the grungy traits that make Wayne so dark and hard to figure out. Closely behind Bale in portrayals that are hard to figure out, is Anne Hathaway, who plays cat burglar/love interest for Bruce: Selina Kyle. The always fantastic Michael Caine plays Alfred Pennyworth, butler, and overall friend to Bruce. Continuing in this cavalcade of characters is Commissioner Gordon played Gary Oldman and Lucius Fox played by Morgan Freeman.

Overall, fans and movie lovers alike will praise this masterpiece of cinema, a brilliant ending to a story that will take its rightful place as one of the best movie series to ever hit theaters.

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